Houdini Animation Curves otl


I’ve recently been working on an idea that requires me to do separate luminance values in an image into x discreet “steps”, such as 0-12. However I don’t want to do the distribution linearly (read: equally distributed), I need to account for the fact that luminance is non-linear.

So I created this SOP otl for houdini that does exactly that – interpolates one range of values to another using chosen curves (listed above). It can read discreet values, or values from point attributes, and is rockin’ fast (houdini’s vex operators are pretty amazing). It was created in 12.5’s new “point wrangler”1, so it’s most likely incompatible with any previous version.


Check out the documentation here.

  1. If you’ve ever tried to write an if statement using VOP SOP, you know how maddeningly confusing it can be. In vex it’s just as simple as it is in any other language, though it may be harder for less savvy users to understand. I’d definitely recommend diving into some straight VEX operators if you’re interested in getting at the heart of houdini []

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